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Waterfront properties are the pinnacle of coastal living, and as such, they can be highly desirable purchases. Huge estate homes with private docks and balconies overlooking the water are a common sight all along the East Coast. The Atlantic Ocean draws huge crowds year round for boating, surfing, fishing, and swimming – particularly in Florida. The waterfront real estate market in Florida is varied, ranging from pricy estate homes to affordable condos and everything in between.

Condo living is popular in Cocoa Beach, with many oceanfront and river view condos to choose from. These developments of condos range from modest to upscale. Take a look around and you’ll be sure to find something in your price range. The benefits of living in a community of condos are numerous, including access to neighborhood amenities such as a pool, indoor gym, or a green space with a pavilion and dining area. Condo life also has the benefit of a homeowners association. Many condo residents only live part time in Florida, so the peace of mind that someone else will maintain the exterior of your home can be priceless.

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Although condo life appeals to many, others prefer the privacy of their own property. These stand-alone homes wildly vary in price. Many of the waterfront homes in Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach can be surprisingly affordable, with price tags between $1 and $1.5 million. These homes are ideally located to access the water as well as all the natural preserves in the area. This proximity to the untouched wilderness makes Cocoa Beach a prime spot for bird watching. While some of the waterfront properties on Merritt Island can be purchased for under $1 million, the most luxurious can sell for $12 million or more.

These classy homes sprawl over large land lots – up to ten acres – and are frequently around 20,000 square feet. Residents can take full advantage of their expansive yard with features such as a putting green, outdoor barbeque area, private dock, and boatlift. These homes also often feature a backyard pool with an accompanying hot tub and spa. These immense homes and extensive outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining guests!

Many have patios with outdoor dining areas in addition to the formal dining room inside. Some even have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, so the host will never have to stray far from their guests while preparing food and drinks. The numerous outdoor spaces are perfect for enjoying the sunny Florida weather and the ocean breezes. The waterfront properties in this area all feature multiple balconies, so it is easy to step outside and enjoy the fresh air from anywhere in your home.

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